1. Where can I buy your products?
Fossa Products are sold through our website and selected retailers and salons.

2. I would like to carry your products in my store or salon?
For wholesale inquiries please email us at wholesale@fossabeauty.ca. Please include your company name, website, destination country and quantity you are interested in purchasing.

3. Can I purchase your products in other countries?
Yes, we export to several countries. If you are unable to find our products in your country do not worry we ship globally. Our products have been shipped to over 30 countries, as far away as Kazakhstan.

4. Is your brand named after an Italian town?
Absolutely! Fossacesia is the jewel of the Adriatic.  Its a small costal town located on the Adriatic sea in Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy. The olive trees proximity to the sea make the perfect condition for nutrient rich olive growth seldom found in olive oil production. The cool Adriatic winds protect and nourish our olive trees, some trees that are over 100 years old, from the harsh conditions of the summer heat. 

5. How do I search for a product?
Know exactly what you want? Use our Search box located in the bottom tab of our website to find the exact product you need, or browse through the results that fit your criteria. You can enter a product number or the product name. 

6. What delivery service do you offer and what are the shipping costs?FossaBeauty.com offers Standard Delivery and express shipping on all orders. Our standard shipping options in North America are Canada Post, UPS, USPS. However we offer FREE shipping on all North American orders over $49 and FREE (almost) Global shipping on all orders over $120 with some restrictions.

7. Do you ship internationally?
Yes, of course. Our international customers love our products.

8. I forgot my password, now what?

Click "Forgot My Password" on the "MY ACCOUNT" sign-in page, which will ask for your email address. After submitting, you will receive an email with a new temporary password. You can then reset your password.

9. Where can I purchase Fossa products?
Fossa products are sold through our website and through select retail partners globally. 

10. What is product verification.

Imitation, fraudulent and diverted products is increasingly becoming a problem in our global market. Fossa beauty has developed a proprietary track and trace technology which will be embedded into our packaging. Through our website customers will be able to authenticate their product in real time.